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dvd_freak :
I LOVE Cinflix, I have been a member for several years now, and it just keeps getting better. I love the current plans and flexibility to adjust my plan month after month to get more movies or dramas. The shipments are fast, and the staff are kind and friendly, I recommend Cinflix HIGHLY!!!
Elina Lee :
I really enjoy Cinflix because of their one time shipment plan. I can enjoy the movies aslong as I want and return for the next shipment right away or wait for the next due date. Love it :o)
Cinflix is the only Asian movies rental place that delivers dvds on time fast, accurate descriptions of movies, has a large selection of asian movie rentals and cheap charges.I have tried membership to other movie rentals online and i was not satisfied. With cinflix, i am very contented. And also its so easy to communicate with costumer service.They have answered my inquiries promptly.I will be a long time member of them. I give this rental company a 5 star evaluation.Thank Cinflix.
Ping Sian :
You guys rock! Original dvd's, great price and expedite shipments. What else can you ask?
Beta :
I was a long time customer of Tiger Cinema and am so happy that I switched over. CinFlix has exceeded my expectations and am beyond satisfied with their wide selection of Asian movies/dramas. They offer very competitive prices for their plan selections. They also communicate in a timely manner and responses are almost immediate. Thank you CinFlix!
WW :
I started enjoying Asian movies about 6 years ago. I was a member of Netflix for a few years but their inventory of Asian movies was very limited. I found Cinflix after a google search and I am very happy I did. Although I am not into dramas very much, I am happy with Cinflix's selection of movies. I also enjoy the 18 movies per month plan wherein I have a hugh selection of movies to watch over the entire month, for a little over $l.00 per movie. You can't beat that anywhere! Also, customer service is very prompt and friendly if you need to communicate with them for any reason. I plan to be a member for a long time to come. MM
somdave2005 :
Cinflix keeps their selections up to date with new movies, which is why I switched from Ehit. I have both netflix and cinflix. I downgraded my netflix plan since netflix doesn't have nearly the Asian movies selection as cinflix. I have the 18 DVD a month plan, where they send you 18 DVDs once a month. It works much better than having to keep going back and forth to the mailbox to send/receive DVDs every few days. The service has been excellent. If you have a scratched or unplayable DVD, you just put a note in the return shipment, and they send you a new DVD in the next shipment out.
tao :
Cinflix The best member ship plans to watch Asian DVDs at home. No time limit or return presure to watch, only pleasure watching when the time is right for you to enjoy!
waterbuffalo :
I am not Asian, but I love Asian movies, specially the Korean dramas. I already saw everything in blockbusters and netflix and I was depressed until I found Cinflix on the internet. I have used the service for like 9 months and I cannot be happier. I love the company and thank them for everything.
juhascmp :
Cinflix has quickly become my place for great Asian movies. From Chinese, Japanese, Korean and beyond, their selection continues to impress me. I have tried some other more well known online rental places, but Cinflix gets my money when it comes to the newest and hard to get films!
fisherman :
I was a Netflix subscriber, I found out Cinflix has lots of Asian titles; I switched to Cinflix and enjoying viewing plenty of selections at Cinflix. I love it. Raymond.
Soni :
Cinflix is absolutely astonishing! like other Cinflix members, I was a former Netflix subscriber, however, the Asian selections were becoming extremely limited. I then tried using Vudu, but I still had the same outcome. Then I stumbled upon Cinflix, which has an overwhelming selection of Japanese movies, and are fairly up-to-date if I might add. If you have a craving for Asian movies, Cinflix is here to serve you the Asian cuisine.
Cinflix is very cool. One time shipment, low monthly payments, and if you forget to send a disc from a previous shipment; Cinflix allows you to mail it with the next shipment. They also have live advisors that help you with problems and you can also call them. Cinflix also provides dramas alot of Asian dramas. Thxs Cinflix
5858rose :
This is the best site to feed my asian addiction. I am loving the fast shipping, the great customer service and the way the site works, I have never been this satisfied with any of the other asian movie rental sites. This is my equivalent to netflix, asian style. Thanks cinflix you're the best. :)

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Bronze Medalist (AKA- Lifting King Kong)  
Release Date: 2009
Rated :
Director : -------------- 
Starring : Jo An ,  Lee Bum-Su 
SubTitle : ENGLISH ,  Chinese -(Traditional) ,  Chinese -(Simplified) ,  Malaysian 
Region : Region-0 (ALL) 
Based on a True Story..

- Retired weightlifter Lee Ji-bong (Lee Beom-soo) reluctantly accepts a coaching position at a provincial girls' middle school. Ji-bong eventually accepts the grou..... More
Death Bell (Gosa)  
Release Date: 2008
Rated :
Director : Chang 
Starring : Lee Bum-Su ,  Lee Beom-Su ,  Yoon Jeong-hee ,  Nam Gyoo-ri 
SubTitle :  
Region : Region-0 (ALL) 
Official competition piece at the recent Puchoen (Bucheon) International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan). About 200 days prior to the college entrance exam, a school manages a cram course for its top ..... More
Jungle Juice (Not yet rated)
Release Date: 2002
Rated :
Director : Ryu Seung-Wan 
Starring : Jang Hyuk ,  Lee Bum-Su ,  Son Chang-Min ,  Jung Jae-Young 
SubTitle : ENGLISH ,  Korean 
Region : Region-0 (ALL) 
On a sunny afternoon, Kit and Chul-soo were eating ice cream on top of a car's hood. The girls were looking good and their best friend Crocodile had gone into marine reserves' training. Hippo visits t..... More
Operation Chromite (2016) (Not yet rated)
Release Date: 2016
Rated :
Director : John H. Lee 
Starring : Lee Jung-Jae ,  Liam Neeson ,  Lee Bum-Su ,  Lee Bum-Soo ,  Jin Se-yeon ,  Jung Joon-Ho 
SubTitle : ENGLISH 
Region :  
A squad of soldiers fight in the Korean War's crucial Battle of Incheon...... More
Release Date: 2003
Rated :
Director : Kwon Cheol-In 
Starring : Jang Jin Young ,  Jang Jin-Young ,  Kim Joo-Hyuk ,  Lee Bum-Su ,  Um Jung-Hwa 
SubTitle : ENGLISH ,  Korean 
Region : Region-0 (ALL) 
Cute and somewhat odd JANG Jin-young and irresistible sex symbol, UM Jung-hwa go head to head on screen! Each having transformed into fancy and sexy singles is just enough to heat up the screen. Their..... More
Singles BONUS DISC (Not yet rated)
Release Date: 2003
Rated :
Director : Kwon Cheol-In 
Starring : Jang Jin Young ,  Jang Jin-Young ,  Kim Joo-Hyuk ,  Lee Bum-Su ,  Um Jung-Hwa 
SubTitle : Korean 
Region : Region-0 (ALL) 
This Bonus Disc Contains 136 Mins of the following:

Special Features:
Making Story
Movie Story
Deleted Scenes
Still Gallery
Music Video
..... More

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